KastKing Sharky II Fishing Reel Review

KastKing Sharky II Fishing ReelKastKing Sharky II Fishing Reel

Product Detail:
Sharky II 1500|Weight 7.05 oz/ 200g|Max Drag 12 LB/5.5 KG|Equipment Ratio 5.2:1|CPT( cm each turn): 65|IPT( inch each turn): 25.6
| Mono Capacity( mm/m): 0.205/ 150,0.235/ 100,0.26/ 70|(LB/Yds): 6/165,8/ 110,10/ 75.
Sharky II 2000|Weight 8.54 oz/242g|Max Drag 17.50 LB/8KG|Gear Proportion 5.2:1|CPT( centimeters each turn): 68|IPT( inch per turn): 26.8.
| Mono Capability( mm/m): 0.26/ 140,0.285/ 130,0.31/ 70|(LB/Yds): 10/155,12/ 140,14/ 75.
Sharky II 3000|Weight 8.71 oz/247g|Max Drag 17.50 LB/8KG|Gear Ratio 5.2:1|CPT( centimeters per turn): 75|IPT( inch per turn): 29.8.
| Mono Ability( mm/m): 0.285/ 145,0.31/ 130,0.33/ 100|Pigtail Ability( LB/Yds): 12/160,14/ 140,16/ 80.
Sharky II 4000|Weight 11.2 oz/317g|Max Drag 28.5 LB/13KG|Equipment Ratio 5.2:1|CPT( centimeters each turn): 77|IPT( inch each turn): 30.2.
| Mono Capacity( mm/m): 0.31/ 170,0.33/ 150,0.37/ 115|(LB/Yds): 14/185,16/ 165,20/ 125.
Sharky II 5000|Weight 11.6 oz/330g|Max Drag 28.5 LB/13KG|Equipment Proportion 5.2:1|CPT( cm each turn): 83|IPT( inch per turn): 32.7.
| Mono Ability( mm/m): 0.33/ 190,0.35/ 170,0.37/ 150|(LB/Yds): 16/210,18/ 185,20/ 165.
Sharky II 6000|Weight 16.52 oz/468.5 g|Max Drag 41.5 LB/19KG|Equipment Ratio 4.9:1|CPT( centimeters per turn): 96|IPT( inch each turn): 37.8.
| Mono Ability( mm/m): 0.405/ 195,0.435/ 165,0.47/ 145|(LB/Yds): 22/215,25/ 180,30/ 160.
Sharky II 8000|Weight 23.07 oz/654g|Max Drag 48.5 LB/22KG|Gear Ratio 4.4:1|CPT( centimeters per turn): 92|IPT( inch each turn): 36.2.
| Mono Capacity( mm/m): 0.453/ 185,0.470/ 170,0.495/ 155|(LB/Yds): 28/202,30/ 186,33/ 170.
Sharky II 10000|Weight 24.34 oz/690g|Max Drag 48.5 LB/22KG|Gear Proportion 4.4:1|CPT( centimeters each turn): 98|IPT( inch per turn): 38.6.
| Mono Capacity( mm/m): 0.453/ 230,0.470/ 215,0.495/ 195|(LB/Yds): 28/252,30/ 235,33/ 213.

Sharky II Spinning Frame.
The Sharky II lighter and also more powerful style rotating fishing reel make it a lot more effective and fisherman-friendly for fishermens from beginners to pros. The KastKing Sharky II Fishing Reel design has even more line ability for further casting as well as fishing the depths for bottom occupants. The CNC machined light weight aluminum spindle has inner groves for lube retention. These superior spinning reels include a three-way disc carbon fiber drag, stainless-steel shaft, and reinforced precision mesh brass equipments. The deterioration immune, MaxiDur 10 +1 ball bearings provide you smooth, silent activity. The KastKing Sharky II Fishing Reel feature an instantaneous quit as well as anti-reverse as well as are supplied in 1500, 2000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000 and 10,000 dimensions. KastKing Sharky II Perfect for Freshwater Fishing as well as Saltwater Browse angling (Suggested just on 6000 dimension and over).

Trick Attributes:.
10 + 1 MaxiDur steel bearings.
Immediate quit anti-reverse.
As much as 48.5 Pounds of triple disc carbon fiber drag.
Upgraded 30% stronger accuracy mesh brass equipments.
Stainless-steel shaft.
Lighter yet stronger big ability machined aluminum spindle.
Sealed elements withstand water and dirt.

Pair this reel with some KastKing knotted line as well as you’ll have a high-performance plan in your hands. While other brands may provide reels with quality equally as many attributes, you’ll pay 3 times the cost for them. As constantly, KastKing keeps angling enjoyable!

Smooth MaxiDur Round Bearings.
10 + 1 premium quality, rust resistant MaxiDur ball bearings, all double-shielded for long-lasting smooth operation.

Costs Carbon Fiber Drag Washing Machine.
A max drag ranking of 48.5 Pounds and also the superior carbon fiber drag washing machines provide remarkable power and resilience.

Enhanced Alloy Drive Equipment.
Alloy drive equipment, stronger accuracy brass equipments, enhanced body, and a stainless steel primary shaft give you smooth, dependable, silent performance.

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  • 1.FIERCE NEW DESIGN-A fantastic must have spinning reel with new and improved body, rotor, spool and gears that is lighter and stronger for spectacular casting, less fatigue, and durability. KastKing Sharky II spinning reels offer the best value with more features for the most bang for your fishing buck!
  • 2.BUTTER SMOOTH 10 + 1 corrosion resistant MaxiDur bearings, increased strength precision mesh brass gears, and stainless-steel shaft adds to this fishing reels super slick retrieve and toughness when battling big fish.
  • 3.POWERFUL- Use the Sharky II spinning reel with up to 48.5 lbs of triple disc carbon fiber max drag capability to conquer monster fish! New designed CNC aluminum spool with better line-lay and more line capacity features lube retention grooves for longer life and smooth, fluid yet powerful operation. A true bulldog of a fishing reel.
  • 4.VERSATILE: Perfect for freshwater bass fishing, trout, perch, salmon, pike, catfishing and even saltwater surf fishing (Recommended only on 6000 size and above).
  • 5.AFFORDABLE INNOVATION: Amazing water intrusion resistance system, sealed rubber o-ring spool, shielded one-way clutch, creative body lube retention grooves, helps prevent water and dirt from getting into your fishing reel. Fish all day and all night without worry. Backed up by a one-year warranty.

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